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 Hi, I’m Eric.

You need me.

Here’s why.

Every business can benefit from creating content, from being on social media. When you put work into building something interesting to your users, your business will grow. The primary goal of a modern marketing team should be to create a meaningful, impactful, engaging brand - and that’s what I do.

Why Me

I’ve been involved in content creation for 3 years, and have written about everything from Twitch streaming to orthopedics. From there, I grew out into social media marketing - first taking over for some healthcare companies. From there, I moved on to Inverse Culture, an Australian hip-hop and streetwear brand - where I headed up their social media efforts, creating content and posting regularly to grow the brand’s followers from 1,000 when I started to 10,000 today. The next stop was, a startup that crowdsources product reviews, as their community manager. There I oversaw 1,000,000 users, working to retain more and more of them each month, focusing on email marketing to acquire new ones, and creating content to engage the old ones.

You can learn a bit more about me and my experience here.

Why You

I say all this to say, “You could use me.”

My expertise is in turning great products into something people really care about. Your business can resonate with customers and users in a way that will make them happy to buy, happy to use, and happy to do whatever you ask of them. If you want feedback, I can get it. If you want return users, I can get people coming back. Of course, I can get new people on board, too.

When your brand is as good as I can make it, everything on the customer side becomes easy. If I can’t make it easier, I’ll be doing it for you. It’s a takes some time to set things in motion, but if you’re patient your business will scale. And if you don’t consider your business a brand, I’ll convince you otherwise.

If you want your business to matter, you could use me.

If you want your customers to be loyal, you could use me.

If you want a return on investment, you could use me.

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