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Eric Turner is a freelance writer and social media manager, specializing in creating content that will engage and inform an audience.

Hello, I'm Eric Turner.

I'm a freelance writer and social media manager specializing in creating content that engages and informs an audience, and building a businesses online presence in a personal and organic manner. I pride myself on excellent communication skills, and the ability to work with a client to develop a content plan that will work for them. I've been writing since the day after I learned to read, but began doing so professionally in June 2016. I write more than I speak, as I write music and novels in my free time.

Below are almost all examples of my writing and social media work, though many have been lost to time and domain registration.

Blog Work

Blog work is generally my favorite to do, as it allows me to write efficiently and informatively. I believe my blog work exhibits my ability to write from an informed place about any topic.

Rapid Med Urgent Care Center

With Rapid Med, I write blog posts about health issues and how to prevent them.

Orthopedic Associates

Working through the same agency as with Rapid Med, I work with Orthopedic Associates to create content about health issues that orthopedic surgery can solve.

Spunky Seniors Club

When I was approached to write content for lively seniors, I feared my ability to do so; however, I think I lived up to the task.

Guod Hair

LA based hair startup Guod Hair was looking to build the page for their revolutionary product, so I was left to create SEO heavy content to help them get started.

Underground Flux

Underground Flux is a blog about underground hip hop, with whom I worked to find musicians we felt should be known.

The Multi Hyphenate

On my own blog, I am currently working on a project where I interview local musicians in an attempt to spotlight the scene.

Social Media and Copywriting

Ranker Insights

I've recently begun working with Ghost Influence founder Brian Swichkow to create content for's Reddit account. Here, I take bits of data they have collected and share it with Reddit to cultivate conversation and show how valuable the company can be.

Inverse Culture

Australian fashion brand Inverse Culture has a following on Instagram, but their engagement rates aren't great. Starting in December of 2017, I stepped in to help fix that. My current focus is on driving engagement with their audience through DM, and getting the brand on to their potential audience's feed. It is my belief that the best way to get onto a feed is to already be there.


Other Content


Early in my career, I worked with LA based start up Popularium to create narrative non-fiction. Nearly a year later, it is still some of my favorite work.

The Stream Setup

At The Stream Setup, I created content to aid would be Twitch streamers in their career. This content was evergreen SEO content, for an Amazon affiliate site.


I've written a lot of content. Some of it has been deleted, some never got posted, but I have copies of it all.

Rates and Services

If you'd like to work with me, you can contact me through the form below or by email directly at I am currently accepting writing work at a rate of $0.07/word. I do not charge for revisions to a reasonable extent, though I do add $5 for adding pictures and/or a meta description to a post. Social media work varies greatly from platform to platform, for example, Reddit work will be costed similarly to my writing work, and Instagram will work cost about $5 a post. That said, my rates are always negotiable and I am happy to make your budget work.