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Eric Turner is a freelance writer and social media manager, specializing in creating content that will engage and inform an audience.


Hi, I’m Eric Turner.

I’m a freelance content creator and community manager.

Stories Are What Drive Me

I learned how to read just before kindergarten. And a few days after that, I started making books. They were mostly pictures at the time, but I started picking up on the words aspect a little while after. I once cried because I didn’t know if the reader would understand who a character was when I said their name. (I’ve since figured out how to get around that problem.) From that time, I wanted to be an author - which I’m still working on, but I’m closer.

As a teenager, I had a different love: hip-hop. Reflecting on that, I realized that there were 2 things I loved more than just books: I love people, and I love the stories that they tell. When I found out I could write as a job without having to look for a publishing deal, I jumped at the chance. Some of the first things I wrote professionally were stories about how much I loved stories and people - you can find those here. From there, it wasn’t a far jump to find out that I could work with people, and telling them stories in different ways. I jumped on that, and started to learn how a business runs an Instagram.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but I didn’t think business was going to be a passion. I was very wrong. Since happening upon freelancing in 2016, I’ve loved what I do every morning. I am constantly on the hunt for stories to tell, people to connect, and data to consume. I aim to leave every company I work with, every group that I assemble, and every project I touch better than when I found them.

Stories Are What I Do


I’ve had the joy to write hundreds of blogs at this point, and there are a few I’m especially proud of. My goal with every piece that I write is to create something engaging, and that will keep people coming back. How I do this varies from company to company, and from voice to voice. To me, one of the most important aspects of my job is creating a personality in my words and in my content that resonates with readers, viewers, and followers.

Some of my favorite work is what I’ve published for myself. There’s a lot to love in the rest, though. My work with Jordan Steen has been a lot of fun, as it allows me to show a little bit of my own knowledge and pick his brain. I’ve also had the opportunity to offer medical advice, and to create content with the businesses I’ve done marketing work for - we’re still experimenting at Mixtape, and I published some interviews with users at Slant.


Building communities and growing business is a different sort of storytelling, and I love it. Combining my love for stories and all things human and a data-focused mindset, I’ve loved working to develop brands and engage users. Content - of course - is a part of this, but I’ve dipped my toes in all the important methods of expression. Email marketing, social media, Discord and Slack, growth hacking, and feedback loops are all tools on my belt.

My best opportunity to show this was at, where I helped to engage the community and develop the brand narrative. Before that, I helped to grow Inverse Culture on and work with Ghost Influence to learn Reddit marketing. Currently, I’m helping to build and guide the development of Mixtape, a playlist collaboration platform.


I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the team at Praxis as a tester for their new project, Crash. They helped me to develop a portfolio that’s better than any resume. If you want to learn more about me, you can do so here.

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