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Eric Turner is a freelance writer and social media manager, specializing in creating content that will engage and inform an audience.


Hi, I’m Eric Turner.

I’m a freelance writer, content creator, and social media manager.

This Is What I Do

I’m mostly a content writer, but I dabble in other things, as well. I’ve written for more websites than I can count, but there are a few that I’m particularly proud of. I started my career writing for LA startup Popularium - you can see my stories for them here - which helped me to hone narrative non-fiction skills. This helps me write the interesting, conversational content that I lean towards. I really sharpened my skills writing medical content, for an urgent care center and an orthopedic clinic, where I learned to turn any topic into entertainment. Combining those skills, I’m able to write on almost anything and for almost any purpose. This article I did for The Stream Setup exemplifies that, I think.

Being a creative person, I enjoy much more than writing, though. Beyond the keyboard, I can create almost any content at a passable level. Whether I’m opening Photoshop or Premiere, sitting behind a microphone, or just engaging with people one-on-one, I’m comfortable. As a result of this, I can also serve as a one person content machine (or so I’m told) for your social media channels. Most of my experience is in Instagram, though I’ve done work beyond that, too. These are two Instagram profiles that I’m helping to build currently: Inverse Culture and Can’t Knock. I also worked on the Ranker Insights Reddit project, have created content on Reddit for many others, contributed to a few Twitter accounts, and took over the Facebook page for the two medical institutions listed above.

In general, I’m a community first person. In fact, I’m currently working as a community manager. My goal with everything I do is to engage, to grow, and to make someone’s day better. This means fitting my tone, content, and strategy to the reader.

This Is What I Can Do For You


If the idea that 20% of your customers will make you 80% of your money is true, I’m the person that keeps the 20% coming back. Having a blog on your website not only increases your ability to be Googled, but my social media tailored content gives your followers and fans a reason to click back onto the website. I’ll work with you to create a content strategy that will keep you fresh on their minds, and provide value for your customers while we’re at it. Then, I’ll execute on it.


My work is always centered around building your brand. Developing a community through content, whether it’s blogs or podcasts, is the key to surviving in our world of social media. I’ll do everything that isn’t advertising, and I can even do that if you want me, too. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make your company your customer’s best friend. Each community needs development through it’s own techniques, but there are a few things we can apply across the board. I can make your company active on whatever social media platforms it should be on, and engage with your customers one on one. I’ll take control of the posting, and all the other social media minutiae.


The end goal, as always, is to turn more customers into paying customers, and to turn paying customers into returning customers. This can be tough to measure, though, so here are the things I can. These estimates are conservative, and results can often take some time.

In about 14 months, you can expect:

  • Users to spend about 10 more minutes on your site than they already do if you don’t have a blog.

  • Front page Google results.

  • 5,000 likes on a Facebook page or Twitter account, or 10,000 on Instagram

  • 15% engagement rates on social media

How It Works

If you’re looking for my help, it doesn’t take much. Start by filling out the contact form below, and then you and I can discuss what sort of strategy we’d like to employ. My rates are negotiable and based on the value I expect to provide you, but I start at a base rate of $0.075/word for written content and $250 a week for social media. Once we’ve got the terms set, I’ll need access to any social platforms that you want me working on, and whatever CMS you use. After that, we can hit the ground running!

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