No one does one thing.

Eric Turner

Eric Turner, Freelance Writer

Hello! I am a young writer from New York. As you can see, I drink coffee from mason jars. Let's get to the important part.

What do I offer you?

My services aren't cheap, but there's a reason for that. My passionate, humorous and engaging writing brings in eyes. As a writer for Popularium, I've been a featured writer several times over, and my stories regularly bring in a high number of views. I used a one-two punch of blogging and social media posts to promote a song, which drove 500 views and over 25,000 video views.

Additionally, my quick turnaround and renowned communication skills make me literally easy to work with. It is my goal to fulfill the vision of my clients, not my own.

I am skilled in blogging, content writing, SEO and narrative non-fiction. I have worked with Squarespace, WordPress, Google Docs and all versions of Microsoft Office. Outside of writing, I have advanced skills with music production, as well as rudimentary skills in graphic design, web development and coding.

You can see some of my work on this very website, or even more on Popularium.  You can also check out my resume, or portfolio.

Other Clients Said:

"Strongly endorsed. Eric is a talented and professional writer & a pleasure to work with." - Ben Bagamery
"Great to work with and had great communication. Always hit deadlines with quality work." - John Chung
"Great writing work from Eric, definitely recommended!  Easy to work with and very understanding." - Glen Thomson

What's the Damage?

My working rate is currently five cents a word, though this will change quite a bit based on how much work you need and your budget.

If you'd like me to write for you, email me here.